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September 14th, 2012, 11:17 AM
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What's your favorite color for clothes for your baby? I like Grays, Brown and Navy

What is something that you would really like but wouldn't dream of asking for?
I Agree with some of the others - Ive heard great things about the Aden and Anais blankets - But I cant recall if I have them on my Registry? Other than that - theres nothing else really that I wouldnt dream of asking for - We got most all the big stuff anyhow...

What is something you just don't need any more of? I think we're set on clothes nb-3mo

Have you started or updated a registry since filling out Cassie's PM?
No, I had started one, but not knowing for sure if I was going to have a shower this time around - its more of a "shopping list" for me.... Because anything thats not purchased you get a discount on at the end!!

Are there themes or characters you don't really care for?
Im not a fan of most characters, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, and other cartoony-types... and Im not really a fan with "Writing" shirts (IE: My mom rocks, I am awesome type shirts)

Do you like Holiday outfits and holiday stuff (like 1st Christmas bibs, hats, etc..)? I tend to prefer solid color stuff that looks CHristmassy - but some things are cute!

Do you want something functional or just fun? I dont have a preference in this one

Is there something that you like to pamper yourself with.... or a specific scent that you like???? Not in particular - I do like coconut smells though

Would you prefer one big nicer item, or several smaller priced items?
Again, I dont really have a preference on this one either - It will be exciting either way!!

Do you have a larger item that you need accessories for?? (Stroller, diaper bag, car seat, etc) I do need an attachment for the new stroller I bought - for cupholders and pockets - its on my registry though

Are you into the Boutique-style baby things?? Tutus, and Hats, Headbands and such for girls and hats, ties, ect for boys? Or does that seem to over the top for an infant to you?

I love it! not tutus and such obviously as its a boy this time.... but I loooove the soft looking hats (that everyone uses in photos now) and rocker-baby stuff they have for boys now! I really like the things that are "not traditionally baby".... Oh and I also like the Tie and bow tie onesies and moustache stuff

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