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September 14th, 2012, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Miss Kelly View Post
Do you want something functional or just fun?
I'm fine with either.

Originally Posted by Wishinfor2ndblessing View Post
I love buying something for the mom tooo when purchasing for a baby shower..... Is there something that you like to pamper yourself with.... or a specific sent that you like???

Would you prefer one big nicer item, or several smaller priced items?
I love my bubble baths and painting my toes. Favorite scents are vanilla or spiced cider.

Originally Posted by Becky_78 View Post
Do you have a larger item that you need accessories for?? (Stroller, diaper bag, car seat, etc)
Toys that attach to the carrier or stroller would be all I can think of

Originally Posted by ** Tay ** View Post
Would you prefer one big nicer item, or several smaller priced items?

Are you into the Boutique-style baby things?? Tutus, and Hats, Headbands and such for girls and hats, ties, ect for boys? Or does that seem to over the top for an infant to you?
I dont care either way for one big or several small items.

I'm not into tutus or hat and headbands with big flowers or decorations on them. I'm just not that girly.

Originally Posted by Cassie.S View Post
Do you need any books for your little one? Any in particular on your wish list?
No books. MIL is a librarian and so is buying tons and tons of books.

Originally Posted by anna.rose View Post
Is there anything you would have to put the fake "gee thanks" face on for? Like something you really just don't want to get? (As horrible as that sounds, we all know we have those items!)
Any of those mentioned items like a tutu, big flower headbands, or something with lots of lace and fluff.

Originally Posted by Becky_78 View Post
Do you find yourself responding to this thread really in hopes that your cyber buddy will see it and respond?!?

Would you be upset if the gift was geared past newborn age? (i.e. a toy for a 6 month old?)
I confess. I am hoping my Buddy will respond, so I get more ideas. And also so I can give my Buddy ideas if she is having the same trouble I am; scared of getting something she wont like.

No I'd be happy with any age geared gift. I think its sweet that we are doing this for someone we've never actually met

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