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September 14th, 2012, 09:52 PM
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Thank you so much ladies!!! I am super excited!!! Oh trust me, the first thing I did when their offices opened up the morning I tested was call the hemo, then call ob/gyn, then my pcp and the anticoagulation clinic! LOL. So go figure, when I called the hemo, within a 1/2 hr they called me back to discuss everything, then they had to call me back after they had an official plan, and it was only 10 min later they called back and said I'm starting low molecular weight heparin (lovonox) and it will be 80mg twice a day. Seriously.. I've been waiting all this time and in 10 min they had a plan! Good thing I didn't listen to them and wait!! Anyway, I immediately stopped coumadin the day I found out & they called the script in that morning & I started lovonox that night. Not thrilled about having to take it twice a day instead of once, but I don't care as long as its the best thing for me and the baby

As far as a due date, I haven't had an appt with the OB yet so nothing is confirmed yet, but by my calculations it should be May 22nd.. and thats also what FF says too lol. It still hasn't fully set in yet, I keep trying to remind myself I'm really pregnant! haha. But when I think too hard about it I get a little nervous too..I'm so worried about a mc. But I'm trying not to think about the negative as much as possible, less stress the better. I have cramps, kinda like menstrual cramps, and its on and off since 2 days before I missed af. I know thats normal but its also scary too. No spotting though and its just mild so its probably fine. I can't wait till I can feel the baby move or even just see an u/s. Then it will really set in for me I think Honestly though, my bbt is what gave it away, and so the day af was supposed to come I wasn't truly thinking it would come but after it didn't, thats when I was 99% sure. My temp was still up the next day and no af so I tested! Thank you so much for listening to me through the whole time I was trying to figure out my plan, etc. I really appreciate it! And for dealing with my long, ridiculous replies lol Thanks again ladies!!
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