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September 15th, 2012, 02:57 AM
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Functional or fun ok with me

Something for mom: I'd like to try out the mama cloth(cloth pads for women) and also I like alot of for candles I guess nothing of the flowery sort though.

Larger item accessories: None that I can think of off-hand.

Would you prefer one big nicer item, or several smaller priced items? Either is cool, totally

Are you into the Boutique-style baby things?? Tutus, and Hats, Headbands and such for girls and hats, ties, ect for boys? Or does that seem to over the top for an infant to you? Never done the tutu thing before but I could go for it. Not into headbands or hats but if it's cute and not too over the top then I'm down for whatever.

Books? I don't have many actually but any nice book would be cool.

Is there anything you would have to put the fake "gee thanks" face on for? Like something you really just don't want to get? (As horrible as that sounds, we all know we have those items!) Hmm...I guess something velvet or lacey...I'm not a fancy person so I don't really have my kids too fancy either. I prefer a cute summer dress over a fancy dress for pics. Other than that, I'm pretty relaxed. I have had exchanges before where the person obviously spent less than half of the limit and it was kind of a bummer...I would never dream of spending less than the limit + shipping so it has bummed me out.

Do you find yourself responding to this thread really in hopes that your cyber buddy will see it and respond?!? SURE! But she already has Also, I'd like to give the person buying for my baby to get an idea.

Would you be upset if the gift was geared past newborn age? (i.e. a toy for a 6 month old?) Not at all! They will be around for a long time so I'll always need things for them

In response to the person who wrote that they had an idea but it was sort of shot down early(can't view all posts here so I can't see who wrote it)...if it's me and it's regarding cloth diapers or breastfeeding, I will probably use some disposables when I need to for work and I will still use bottles as I will pump & feed while working. I also am cool with trying out a tutu for pictures HTH lol

New question, please answer everyone!

What prints and colors are you using in the nursery or anywhere else? Any you don't like? Not referring to clothes here.
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