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September 15th, 2012, 07:50 AM
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Do you need any books for your little one? Any in particular on your wish list?
not really. I have a bunch from when I taught daycare.

Is there anything you would have to put the fake "gee thanks" face on for? Like something you really just don't want to get? (As horrible as that sounds, we all know we have those items!)
I HATE pacifiers and am going to try not to use one. I know I may at some points but I have just always hated them and I really hope my child doesn't like them!

Would you be upset if the gift was geared past newborn age? (i.e. a toy for a 6 month old?
no way. They get big so quick!

What prints and colors are you using in the nursery or anywhere else? Any you don't like? Not referring to clothes here.
We are doing a lot of multi-color stuff. There is a picture of her multi color fan in the galaxy of goodies. The walls will be white with a few Grateful Dead bears painted on it. I'm thinking I want to do them kinds like a border around the center of the room and make them look like they are walking around the room.

What do you think you will get the most of at your baby shower? Will you return something if you don't like it?

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