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September 15th, 2012, 08:10 AM
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I've gotten a line after looking at an 'old' test before when I wasn't pregnant, but I do know that the times I did get a line it did turn darker when it dried. Like I got a positive at 8dpo with one of my pregnancies, I could barely see the line, I looked at it so much I started to think that I was psyching myself out, BUT, when it dried, I could see that I did have a very faint line, it got more noticeable after drying. I didn't overthink it, I just figured that if it was a positive then in a day or two I'd get a nicer line and the next day I tested with concentrated urine (held my pee for 4+ hours during the day) and I got a faint but seeable line and I knew then that my 8dpo was just so so faint. I think the next day I got a positive on a digital which is foolproof as it's spelled right out lol
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