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September 15th, 2012, 09:27 AM
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Are you into the Boutique-style baby things?? Tutus, and Hats, Headbands and such for girls and hats, ties, ect for boys? Or does that seem to over the top for an infant to you?
I did see really cute baby fedoras... other than that, I havent seen much that caught my interest.

Books? I have tons, and my parents always buy books for Greyson Ive got a pretty big collection already.

Is there anything you would have to put the fake "gee thanks" face on for? Like something you really just don't want to get? (As horrible as that sounds, we all know we have those items!) I cant think of anything...

Do you find yourself responding to this thread really in hopes that your cyber buddy will see it and respond?!? yes

Would you be upset if the gift was geared past newborn age? (i.e. a toy for a 6 month old?) Nope

What prints and colors are you using in the nursery or anywhere else? Any you don't like? Not referring to clothes here. I dont have any specifics picked out yet. Im leaning towards gray, orange, bright green... mainly just not baby blue.

What do you think you will get the most of at your baby shower? Will you return something if you don't like it? I dont think I will have a baby shower. My family is buying the bigger things for me-car seat, stroller, pack n play, swing... I dont expect many others to buy us anything really.

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