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September 15th, 2012, 11:53 AM
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Hi ladies,

I'm 10.5 weeks pregnant with my second. My first was a failed induction at 41.5 weeks leading to a section. I'm worried for this time that while they do allow sections, they want to keep to a narrow time frame of 1cm/hour. If I do not progress at that rate then the will try and bully me into a section. I can't see that I'm at great risk for a uterine rupture because of that. Does anyone have any literature on this? I'm sure my labour will be slow as for my body, if I go naturally it will be basically the first time it is in labour. Does anyone know a safe rate of dilation, or where I can go to find this information. I know I have the option of fighting this, I just don't want to end up being bullied in the end regarding this because im beaten down.
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