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September 15th, 2012, 01:38 PM
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Thanks for answering, you guys.

I would be about three months if I am. I don't know the exact dates, other than that conception occurred sometime in the first three weeks of June.

I have told my mother my concerns. We don't have health insurance and I don't know if/when I can go to the doctor again.

I can feel my uterus when I push down a little below my navel.

I really feel that I am pregnant, and it sort of scares me to think that my intuition could be wrong. It's not only my physical symptoms, but just that, my intuition, telling me this is real. I can't smoke or drink even if I want to because I fear hurting my baby.

The only possibilities that really make sense to me are pregnancy or phantom pregnancy. I just hope I find out soon...
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