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September 15th, 2012, 05:11 PM
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We got C on Wednesday like we normally do and like always I change him out of a diaper and in to big boy undies. We are all supposedly working on potty training. He goes pee pee on his potty with out pulling down his undies so I ask BF is BM is keeping up with potty training.

Long story short BF texts her and she responds by telling him that he is blowing up her phone and he should respect her enough to talk about things like this in person. He sent one message she sent 9 back to back. Then she proceeds to tell BF that at least her DF has the decency to stay inside during handoffs and that the handoffs should only be parents…UM EXCUSE ME!!! I am a parent to your son like it or not.

She said BF was attacking her and that we are pushing C too hard to potty train. Please tell me how I am pushing him, he rips off his pants and diaper to go to the potty all by him self and tells you he has to go.

So I have a feeling crap is about to hit the fan and shes about to go off the deep end again. We pick him up from her dads and step moms and hes always dirty and has a horribly wet diaper. They don’t communicate anything.

I told BF we need to start writing things down and show the same pattern I see regularly. This week he had a bruise on his cheek. I just want to be prepared when things start going downhill. Its been a while since she has gone crazy and I am starting to let her get to me.

Tonight I felt like a prisoner in my own home, angry that she was trapping me in my house not allowing me to see my little guy off. I physically spend more time with him than even BF does when we have him. Just 2 weeks ago she was telling me she would pt me on the list to take him to the dr.

Am I wrong for being so upset? I am hurt because I thought she understood that I was sitting out there and trying to make some sort of civil relationship with her for HER SON. He needs to see that we can all get along because we can. He needs to see we all love him, ALL of us love him.

ugh, I am so worked up over her. She goes from engaged to single and moving back in with her mom like I change clothes. I just dont understand. How does she not get that I do WAY more and go far above and beyond so her child can have a good life.

Sorry I had to get it all out where some one could understand my frustration. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I know I left a lot out I was a lot angrier about it on Wednesday.
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