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September 15th, 2012, 08:32 PM
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Keakie, We dont push him to PT. He undresses him self and goes and I feel we just make it easier by keeping him in things he can take off on his own. I dont really ask him if he has to go unless he hasnt gone in a while. we still do diapers out and about and overnight and at naps. Hes showing us he is ready and has been since he was about 18mths old. PT has gone really well here after he gets back in to the swing of things. we are teething again ( i think?) and he was sick and feverish all weekend so it was a weekend of diapers. He had a HORRIBLE rash that wont seem to quit so we were keeping him diaper-less and figured it was a good time to try. Also thanks to sticking up for me.

Doodlebug06, I dont feel as if i am inserting my self in to anything when BM was with DF the night she went in to labour and then came crawling back to BF like it never happened. She also overdosed on antidepressants while breastfeeding and almost killed C, did I mention she wanted a third trimester abortion? Please tell me how my love for this child is hurting anyone? It was BM's idea to put me on the med list and her BF and 7 other of her family are on said list. what happens if I have him on fridays ( when I care for him anyway) and he falls off the slide and needs to go to ER. or when he has a horrible fever and I am the one with the time free to go with out DH ( who is our bacon bringer) cant miss work? She has no right to tell me I cant sit on my porch and say good bye, its MY porch Its MY house.

mom2more. She goes between wanting him full time to practically giving him away. earlier this year she said she wanted BF to have primary custody so she could go to school work full time and have a social life. we have a few good months of getting along great and then things flip and she nosedives back in to the " your an unfit parent" tantrum with BF. She has no real control over her BPD and refuses to be put on meds. we cant used her medical issues in court because she made it through CPS with them before. Our lawyer said that we cant use anything from before the mediation.
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