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September 16th, 2012, 07:33 AM
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Amy, yeah your right.. it really does suck. But it is definitely better than the alternative! How far along are you? After only doing the lovonox a few days, I feel like I'm going to run out of places to put it lol. I don't want to do the same spots over and over twice a day for 9 months! Lol. It makes me nervous to put it in my belly even though they said its ok. They told me I could put it on the outside of my thighs, back of arms, love handles, butt... however, I don't know how your supposed to put it on the back of your arms by yourself, not to mention I think that would really hurt! Same goes for the outside of your thighs...not enough fat there. The only place I've been able to do it is my love handles and that will probably get tough when I get a big belly and it will probably make me nervous being so close to the baby. Where do you put your injections? Any tips? I never even thought about this being an issue, but now that I gotta do it, I have all these questions lol. I've only ever done lovonox for bridging in the past.. 2 weeks at a time tops. Oh and you are absolutely right! I cannot wait for my first u/s!!! It can't get here fast enough! I figured, after my first u/s is when I'll share the big news with everyone... well, maybe lol. I'm so nervous about a mc. But I know you can't control that if it happened. How soon did you share the news? I've told immediate family & close friends but thats it.
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