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September 16th, 2012, 11:39 AM
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We went away last week for our honeymoon/first anniversary trip. I didn't temp during the week, but tracked cm, cp and did a couple of OPKs when EWCM showed up early (and in the best quality I've seen since coming off of the pill last spring). I had O twinges on Thursday evening as well. EWCM dropped off fast. The cp pattern did what it was supposed to do too. All signs look like they point to a successful ovulation.

We got back Friday night, and I assumed that Saturday morning I would see my shift upon temping again. I didn't. I wondered if it might take an extra day - it only was .1 degree higher today than it was yesterday morning.

Ashley has mentioned that the cover line I have can't technically be used because I missed a week of temperatures. We went to Mexico, so we were on CST during the trip and are back on EST at home which means there's an hour discrepancy. Could my body clock be off still, even though I didn't record any temperatures while we were on CST/it's been a couple of days? The weather is also about 15 degrees cooler here both in the daytime and overnight than it was on vacation. We slept with the windows open Friday and last night too, and it's getting to low 60s at night.

I guess my question is, is the lack of temperature shift indicative that I didn't actually O, or is it likely/possible that all of the issues surrounding travel, time change, environmental temperature shifts, etc. could cover up a normal shift? I was so excited that everything seemed to happen earlier and more clearly than I expected, and the lack of shift since we got back has really thrown me for a loop.

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