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September 16th, 2012, 01:50 PM
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I hate the whole 1cm/hr thing. Most women don't actually progress at that rate. It's actually normal and common to progress a bit, "stall out," and then progress a bunch quickly, etc. Labor didn't stall out many times, but rather the contractions were moving baby into a better position or the mom was freaking out for a bit (which according to Ina May fears can keep a mom from progressing as fast as she could be). I know Ina May addresses progression a few times in her Guide to Childbirth book. I think Pushed (another great book) has information on this too (it's been awhile since I've read that to remember exactly where and what was stated).
Honestly, if my midwife or OB insisted that I progress at 1cm/hr my whole labor I'd be seeking care elsewhere because chances are there are other warning signs that they're not truly VBAC friendly. (Want a VBAC? Ask your care provider these questions. VBAC Facts) And if all else fails, I would delay going to the hospital longer than otherwise. I'd want to be as far as long as possible so I can't be denied based on "progression."

I too had my c/s with my son at 41.5 weeks due to failure of progression. Well, of course I wasn't progressing - I was STRESSED, induced with a poor bishops score, unable to move around, stuck to my bed with monitors, unable to eat or drink for well over 24 hours, DS was "sunny side up," my water was artificially broken, etc. Looking back now I realize I wasn't given a good chance. I felt forced to be induced at 41 weeks (so this time my VBAC providers will allow me to go to 42 weeks without bugging me) and then after 10 hours of being at 4cms (I know I was lucky to go so long!) I thought my body had failed me. No, the medical frame of mind failed me when I was told I had to be induced at 41 weeks (the weekend gave me extra days so he was 41.5 week baby).

Read, research, and inform yourself. Don't delay talking to your provider about any of your fears and concerns - get them out now! It's horrible having to battle to have a normal birth, but it's one that I and many others are willing to do. ((hugs))

There are a couple of VBAC groups on FB and Birth Without Fear FB group has a lot of VBAC moms too.
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