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September 16th, 2012, 08:21 PM
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Well... I did have him at the Dr. and they think it's the same thing dd1 did. I had posted in the Aug ddc and someone had posted a link there that explained it. It's called BHS. I think his pain is just severe sometime... from what?? I wish I knew exactly! I think it's either from his milk allergy or from his possible hernia. I have an appt with a pediatric surgeon in Hershey this Thursday, (the Dr said he has xtra fluid around his 1 testicle) so I'm really hoping to find answers as to what is causing these screaming fits! He didn't pass out for awhile now, but holds his breath terribly long . It's frustrating because I've been cutting out dairy from my diet for awhile now, and he still gets them, mostly evenings. Does anyone know how long it takes (on average) after we eat for it to affect them from breastmilk?
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