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September 17th, 2012, 12:09 AM
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I know Holly in RL. Her BF and the BM were never married and to my knowledge Holly is the first gf since all of that. I could be wrong preggo brain is in full effect.

You know me. You know my life. Do I work with the BMs to make sure R and M are happy? Yes. Do I trust them or would I say we have a relationship? No. Right this minute BM2 is thinking because overnight visits are going well that M is one step away from moving back in. Aside from the fact she's on the court record as wanting M to live with D and I and has admitted she's not in a position to adequately care for him; none of that has changed, she's still in a 2 bedroom house and her third child is due in a month.

Some folks will never make sense. And trying to figure it out will make you crazy. Don't do it. Don't go there. And honestly, until your BF is willing to get legally aggressive with her, your hands are tied. And I would get another lawyer. So what you went to mediation and worked out an arrangement? That doesn't give her carte blanche to be unstable for the rest of C's life.
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