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September 17th, 2012, 07:40 AM
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Thanks everyone....I plan on testing again tomorrow. Hoping for a BFP! I was thinking about this again this past weekend though, and when we were TTC in the spring, I remember I took a test witht he same dollar tree brand, got a BFN, and I put it in my purse to look at it a couple hours later when I was at work and it was still BFN. So does this mean those maybe possible faint lines I thought I might have saw last week were a positive?? lol Still not trying to think too much of it, just hopeful I guess. More than likely it was just a fluke or a different batch of tests or something. But I hope LuvRBx5 is right and it was just too light last time. I suppose I'll find out soon. Just want either a positive or AF to come so I can figure my cycles out correctly again since the mc.
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