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September 18th, 2012, 12:20 PM
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... and I guess I don't have to say I'm TTC! We had a MC in May after not trying terribly hard but trying nonetheless. I've been more vigilant about cycles and and when the timing should be right but we are still struggling. I really thought I had it nailed down this cycle, planned everything, had sex as often as we could (that part didn't suck!) and felt really confident. On what should have been implantation day, I think there was a bit of bleeding (think don't know and to tell how why would be way too much info...) Anyway, I am so impatient, I tested on the 14th and got a big fat negative. Period was supposed to start today and I got one of those promises you everything early response tests so I tried not to take it too hard. Could have sworn I was having some early symptoms yesterday so I took the second test. Negative again. No sign of my period and I've been really regular. How in the world can I relax about this. I should mention that I'm 44 and just can't read anything else about how hard it is trying to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term at my age.
I guess I'm really just looking for some positive affirmation from anyone who's been in my shoes.
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