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September 18th, 2012, 06:33 PM
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Amy ~ I was thinking of icing before taking the shots, but since it's twice a day I don't really have time to do that in the morning before work. Well, I guess I just don't make the time but I figured I'm just going to deal with it lol. But sometimes it hurts more than others & I wished I would have iced first! I might reconsider as time goes on. I am not super thin, but not super heavy either. I'd say somewhere in the middle, a little overweight I guess. I have room in my mid section that seems I shouldn't run out of room very quickly, but I feel like doing it twice a day adds up fast! I've been putting it on my love handles so far and sometimes closer to my abdomen. Although it makes me nervous! But I figure there is still time right now before I start growing, but once I do, I don't think I'll want to put it in my abdomen anymore. All the other places I was told I could use, seem like they would hurt way too much! Oh.. and thanks for the advice about telling or not telling everyone.. I decided you were absolutely right! So everyone knows now lol 18 weeks!! Yay!! So have you started to show yet? I know some people show right away and some not till after they hit 5 months. Do you know what your having yet? I don't remember how far along you have to be to find out. Any names picked out yet? 101 questions lol
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