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September 18th, 2012, 06:43 PM
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Liz ~ I think I might start reconsidering the ice... it really doesn't feel very good! Thats a bummer it doesn't help with bruising. So far I've done pretty good about the bruising though, only one bad bruise so far and then one or two tiny ones but nothing else. So I guess thats not so bad, but I have a long way to go still! I'm so glad the hemo switched me to lovonox that fast too. They literally called in lovonox within 10 min of finding out I was preggo! And thank you for the advice, your right.. I am doing everything I can to prevent a mc so I shouldn't worry about it. It's still hard not to think about, but I am trying to think of every positive thing right now to drown out any of the negative... as much as I can So far I feel great, overall that is. I have all the typical prego symptoms, and just a little bit of nausea but nothing more. So I can't complain there! Hopefully it stays that way and I don't get any of the severe stuff. Fx

The phone history appt was today and they told me my EDD is 5/13/13 and that I'm 6wks 1 day.. which is a week farther along than I thought. But I think my EDD is more accurate. They are basing it on a perfect 28 day cycle and my cycle was 37, so my calculations figure that in too. I have an appt on 10/5/12 so hopefully I will have an u/s that day and have a confirmed due date! I can't wait! I'll keep both of you posted
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