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September 19th, 2012, 01:42 PM
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I couldn't. Find the FAQ that one of the sticky post mentioned, so I don't know if this is on there.
I took an at home and a dr's urine test today, both positive. My period was to start last Sat and have been having random cramps since Friday. Intense , painful, and uncomfortable, but short lived. Normally, with my period, cramps are always one day after starting, in the am, for a couple of hours.
It's Wed and with the positive testing, I don't know how long this cramping is expected to go on. Last night around midnight I had the most horrible cramping I've ever experienced-and I used to be on the floor crying when I was younger. Anyone have a guess on a time length to expect this? My dr's office is sending me a questionaire and my first appt is mid Oct....
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