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September 19th, 2012, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by topato View Post
Naming your child after a fictional character in pop culture, whether it be a book/movie/song/tv show/or something else?

What would your guidelines be for this? Are some things ok, but not others?

Some examples:

Would Scarlett be ok (as in O'Hara) but not Dora (as in the Explorer)?
Is using the name Dorian a no-go because the Oscar Wilde character was not a good man?
Is Bruce Smith acceptable, but not Bruce Wayne Smith?

What are your thoughts?
I'm with everyone else...if you love the name, why not?

I'm a GWTW fan myself and I have always thought Katie Scarlett was a pretty name. Of course you know she went by Scarlett, so most people don't know the first name of that character anyway. Hehe

That could be an advantage, if you went that route.

It's so hard coming up with a good name! Good luck and let us know if you opt for a fictional character and whom you chose.

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