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September 19th, 2012, 07:14 PM
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I had a long weekend of sick kiddos and a bad head cold, so I just hunkered down and tried to get better. On Monday was my bday, and the cramping I had awhile back was gone for so long I thought I was fine again, so my DH and I celebrated my special day with DTD... Yea, I know, bad idea, we are forbidden to have any sexy times at all now, which sucks because I constantly want it >_<...

I went to school on Tuesday, and had to walk around and whatnot, and around lunch time I noticed spotting on the pad I had in my underwear ( I only had to sneeze or cough and pee myself all weekend to think of putting in a pad)... The spotting continued into today, and I had contracting type pains start up last night while my DH was at work, and the kids and I were getting into bed. So I just thought it was the same pains as last time, so I didn't really mention it, so I wouldn't get myself worrying more, if I didn't think about it, I didn't feel them as much.

I called my OB at around 3:30ish just to make sure he knew about my visit to l&d a couple weeks back, and I mentioned I was spotting, so they told me to head right in. He even had a note in my chart that if I had that symptom, to come straight in.

So we went in right away, after dropping off the kiddos at my parent's house, and they ran all kinds of tests. Blood work, a pee test, and an U/S to measure my cervix. The l&d nurse who checked me seemed to be able to get a fingertip into my cervix, so that was scary. But once my OB checked my cervix, there was no bleeding, and he said I was closed and firm. So they discharged me and said I was on bed rest til after the 24th. The good news is the baby is growing great and was very active for everyone while we were there, so they weren't worried about her having problems.

*sigh* I feel like I jinxed myself by saying how happy I was that this pregnancy was going smoothly. I was enjoying the fact that it wasn't crazy stressful like last time, and now boom, here I am having problems. I am even considering dropping out of school due to the ton of stress from all my classes, and the walking around campus (even with elevators and a wheeled backpack) adding to the difficulties I am having being pregnant. I am trying to take a math class, developmental psychology, intro to sociology, and contemporary ethics...
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