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September 19th, 2012, 08:19 PM
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Thank you ladies, I will definitely be resting and avoiding any stress or dtd... I am lucky in a way, the hardest classes (dev. psych, sociology, and ethics) are all online, but at the same time, they are online, that means they should be easier to do than my math class. But they are not. I already have missed assignments for all three, or turned them in late due to my last l&d trip and the cold that went through my house, that is stressful enough for me.

Thinking about the major assignments I will need to do, and how much I will need to devote to them worries me, because I honestly don't think I can do them. My brain just doesn't grasp terms as easily, I struggle with writing assignments, and often forget to turn things in at all. I know that it is a combination of hormones, raising 2 kids already, and my DH having to work on my days off so we can buy household items. I just don't see passing these classes at this point, and I don't want to sacrifice my health, and the health of my baby in order to pass them.

On a side note, I seem to have picked up a stalker at school, and I tried avoiding him because all he does is complain about everything, and interrupts my study time. He confronted me yesterday and demanded to know where I was the day before, because he needed someone to keep him awake between classes. I told him I was home sick, and also celebrating my b-day. He ignored that, and went off about how "at least the government didn't try to take your birthday away from you", and launched into some weird story about a job assignment or post in the army that kept him from drinking a beer on his birthday.

I have told him I have to work, I have said that I can't hang out, and that I only get the few hours before my math class to work on all my online classes. But he doesn't get it. If I have to see him again, I will order him to leave me alone. All I did was talk to him politely a couple of times, and he seems to think that entitles him to bothering me. *shakes head* I honestly don't know what to do about him either, and I can't even remember his name now. So I can't go to the school and complain...
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