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September 20th, 2012, 06:49 AM
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I'd maybe feel different about them leaving if we lived in a city, and not a small town (I think it's about 3000)

UM, I totally hear what you're saying, we let the choice of University be up to them, but mostly we just want them to do something, a year or two of college. (plus if you've got to be sure about what you want to do if you're going to go for those 4 years) For the experience and just so you've got something post secondary. I only went to college for a year, for my hairdressing, (sidenote, I did live at home). Maybe that's why I feel kinda strongly about it, all my parents expected out of me was to marry dh, and the topic of any schooling after high school was never encouraged or even brought up. That one year was all my own doing and I spent my life savings on tuition. I have no regrets at all about marrying dh at 19 (it's worked out well) but I don't want my kids to move from my house to married life.

MarieJ, I'm not so worried about my oldest out on her own (even if she does head to Olds College) but we'll talk in a few years when my #4 leaves, I will need someone to keep an eye on her.

Sidenote, my nephew that lives with us has no plans to graduate, and no plans for any college ever.
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