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September 20th, 2012, 09:24 AM
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What I told them when they were little and what has happened are two different things. lol

They all live at home. They don't pay rent, but they do help out. My oldest girl used to help more, but because the last 2 months have done nothing but slam her she just doesn't have it right now. she's working 16 hour days to get all the overtime she can so once she pulls herself out of the hole she is in, we will expect her to help more once she's got it all straightened out.

My next oldest (#3) went away to college and bombed it. Academic probation and can't go back this year. We want him to finish his core classes locally, then go back in 2 years to get his degree. It will save him almost $15,000 doing it that way, plus he can continue to work and save money. He's so narrow minded though and will not hear a thing we say. Honestly, the job he got working where his dad works will earn him the same amount of money he will earn with his education. Only he won't have any student loans, but of course his girlfriend is up there and we can't get through to him. if he chooses that route, he will be completely on his own. He does help around the house, and buys thing..mainly food, when it's needed.

My 18 year, has to wait until we can get another car. Of course she could try to do more on her own, but she doesn't seem to have any motivation which is starting to get on my nerves.

My husband would have them all stay home forever if he had his way. Me, I want them on their own, but not before they are ready. Once they leave it will be for good. short of something really bad, i don;t want them coming back.
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