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September 20th, 2012, 04:13 PM
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alright ladies here she is I hope you all love your buddies, i tried really hard to take all your preferences into consideration whenever i could.

So feel free to PM your buddy and start to get to know each other


Sweet.hun and hearts.0nfire
A*Lot*of*Hope and Lash
Athme and Scarlet Starlet
LaceyMay2630 and SammyJ
WannabeAMommy87 and Nessatx
Naalie and KtKuki
PrincessLou79 and Aussie_mama22
Mercedes87 and Jasmine_and_Bambino
Sunshyne57 and AimeeD041727
AmyB and JLNicholas07
Mikiesmom04 and lizspreg
amandabee and InLove08
1st.time.mama.333 and Strawberry21
Chelleb and Fidelis18
DrMomJLS and Blieving4more
Rachna and DivaMommy09
AmyMcLiz and Hopeful1213
Meminy and Nicandab
TurtleBay and SAHM-of3
Cassani and Storm122
Sparkle04 and TTC2907
Juju2012 and NNicholla
GreysonsMommy and horselovimom
CaliMama and Moonstonemama and kbsmommy

* group of 3, Moonstonemama has only 1 post in our DDC so im not sure how active of a buddy she will end up being
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