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September 20th, 2012, 05:16 PM
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I have a 7yr old son, soon to be 8 next Tuesday. Ever since Dec 7, 2011 he has been acting not him self, i'm not even sure if this should be here (but i say a post almost like this so thought i would ask anyways). And when i say not acting himself, i mean acting out in class. Like throwing things around, crawling on the floor, acting like a dog/cat. He will run into class room's, and throw things off the teachers decks, in his own class, he will just get up and walk around. Now according to the teacher he is getting violent with them biting/hitting them, he has gotten so mad before that in the library he knocked the book shelf's down and throw something and hit a little girl. We have been to see a person about his problem, and they can't help us they did say they though it might be adhd. But now it's not that? he was in school for 2 wks and they took him out cause it got so bad, now he is going to another school called soar for bad kids. Anyone has a child like this? I'm just looking for answer's. Since i can't get any.

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