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September 20th, 2012, 05:52 PM
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I took this test approximately 8dpo. Its the Target "up&up" brand. (pic wont upload until i have 10 posts, but i can email to you if youre willing to!) The test shows a very very light blue line. I am certain I had sex the day I ovulated. I've been feeling different and pregnant since 7dpo. AF came as usual, but the day before she showed up, I had what I thought was IB. I never spot before AF, so I thought this was weird. I've had PID in the past, but my doctor told me I would have no problem with fertility after I had a laparoscopy. Even though AF came, I still feel pregnant. I'm always exhausted, peeing more often than usual, emotional, my nips seem to be getting darker, sense of smell is heightened, a small cold, etc. I'm now 26dpo and still feel like this, even worse. My uterus feels like someone is pinching it and my CM is a lot. I took a Dollar Tree test today, but it was a BFN.

What do you think?
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