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September 20th, 2012, 07:37 PM
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Pro choice. I don't have an issue with people who are personally pro life, but I do tend to take issue to people who are politically pro life.

Drinking age
It is 18 here and I don't see reason to change that.

Political stance
I don't have strong leanings, as far as political parties go (and, I am in Australia) I do vote Greens, even though they are not part of the two party preferred, I just agree with more of their policies than any other political party.

Selective Service
No opinion

Gay marriage
For. Again, I don't care about people who have a personal issue with it, I have an issue with people who take a political stand against it. You can personally be against something on a spiritual, religious or moral level without banning it for everyone who does not have the same stance as you.

Universal pre-k
Not familiar with this

Sex education
Pro. Knowledge is power. There is no logic in ignorance.


Sin Tax

legalization of marijuana
Against for practical reasons. If you legalise marijuana it needs to be regulated as a consumable substance, the same way as tobacco is, the same way alcohol is and so on.

Universal Health care
For. We have public health cover here and it is an amazing thing that I am incredibly grateful for.

"performance pay" for teachers
Against. Too many variables.

Necessary evil. I do believe that purpose should be made more common public knowledge, however.

Methods of birth control
What about them? Birth control is awesome.

How many kids people should have
However many they want and can support.

Vegetarian/eating meat
Each to their own. I do take issue to many intensive farming practices, and processing of meat and try to avoid those things. I am pescetarian due to food intolerance and make sure that the seafood I do eat is ethically sourced and not processed junk. However that is my personal choice. I do think that there needs to be more public awareness of "this is where your food comes from" however, and stricter standards of what can be classed as meat and what is really "meat-like substance".

gun control
Coming from Australia, for. I don't believe guns are necessary for your average citizen, however I think in terms of America, where I know this issue is sourced from, it is too engrained in culture for that to be reversed in the near future.

death penalty

No opinion

Fertility treatments/Assisted reproduction
Obviously, pro.

Assisted suicide

Illegal Immigrants *not immigration POLICY
In terms of actual illegal immigrants, people who come over for a holiday, as an example, and do not leave, I do think there need to be tighter ways of regulating.
In terms of asylum seekers, I think, well, Australia's way of dealing, at least, as it is the onyl way I am familiar with, is atrocious. Asylum seekers are not criminals, it is not illegal to seek asylum.

Gender Selection
On the fence. I don't believe it to be harmful however I haven't researched it enough to have formed a decent opinin.

Fat Tax

Shopping Carts
People have an opinion on these? Pro because they are good to carry large quantities of groceries?

Kids drinking soda/eating candy/poptarts for breakfast
Each to their own, I think there is a happy medium. My personal view is that if you are usually eating three good meals a day, a few lollies isn't the end of the world or a treat meal every now and then.

Peanut Butter bans in schools for nut allergies
Pro. Used to work in a school where parents thought that the bans were stupid and still sent their kids to school with peanut butter sandwiches. I think there is a lot of ignorance in terms of contact allergies and I personally have had to put a 6yr old child in an ambulance because one selfish parent though that their child's like of peanut butter was worth more than another child's life. For the record, peanut butter child touched the anaphylactic child's arm with peanut butter on their hands, the food was not consumed.

Yeah sure, do what you want.

Government involvement in citizens lives
I think that's too broad to comment on properly.

Seat Belt law/ laws to protect citizens from themselves
Seat belts are good, very pro seat belts.

Unassisted Childbirthing
I believe the option should be there.

Plastic Surgery
Pro over the age of 18 if not for a medical purpose.

Chili (with or without beans)
Yum. Pro chili (is this really a hot topic?)

Again, too broad.

dress codes for school/office
Pro. When you are representing an organisation or institution you must look respectable and look the part.

Elective C-sections/elective repeat C-Sections
Pro. Your body your choice.

Introducing solids
Yep, it's good to introduce solids because, you know, when you grow up you can't really live off milk only. I assume this refers to age though? Whenever it is advised or you feel your child is ready, each child is different.

Car Seats
Yep, car seats are good.

I believe spanking is situational and not 100% good or 100% bad. Too many grey areas.

Children and Pets
Pro. Wonderful way to teach responsibility (under supervision) and care and compassion for other creatures, not just other human beings.

Nursing in Public
Pro. It's eating.

Cry it Out
Each to their own, again, grey areas.

Television and Infants/Toddlers
No opinion. I don't believe television is bad as long as it is age appropriate.

Caring for your elderly parents
Good idea.

Ethically sourced, pro.

In-N-Out Burger
Don't know it

Reborn dolls
I had to google this. Well, they are good for acting purposes I guess. I do understand the argument in regards to grieving though, I do not see the benefit of anything that hinders or prevents the natural healing process.

Homosexual orientation/relationships
Pro, wonderful, the more love in the world the better we are

Pro, again, love, good thing

Scary movies
If you like them then good for you

Transcultural adoption

Drug testing welfare recipients
Anti because I see little benefit to the purpose. Until the government is willing to find rehabilitation and help for people who turn up positive, I will be against it.

"Luxuries" on welfare- vacation, designer accessories, upscale phones, TV w/cable, etc
If you can make the little money you get work that way, then good for you and teach me.

Organized religions
Anti, generally. I don't understand the teaching of spirituality, you can't teach it, it needs to be developed within yourself. I don't take issue to people who identify as one religion, however I do take issue to religious institutions influence in politics.

Mandatory breastfeeding attempts/prescriptions for formula

Family beds
If you can sleep that way, good on you, we have blanket/sheet, moving and space issues with just two of us.

TTC on assistance
Whatever you choose, if you can make it work then fine

Infants/toddlers in bikini style swim suits
I don't understand the point, because the top is just going to ride up and be uncomfortable anyway, but I don't have an opinion really.

Leash backpacks for kids
If it's going to keep them safe then fantastic. My little brother loved cars when he was a toddler, wanted to run up to them and touch them, I was school age, so I heard and understood all the judgement my mother got for it, but my brother was never run over by a car, there is your benefit.

Beauty pageants
Anti, don't see the point. A silly, fickle hobby.

TV watching for kids under age 2
I don't think it's the most harmful thing in the world.
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