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September 21st, 2012, 03:07 AM
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Do you follow any currently? Not so much a diet programme but i have changed my diet recently.
What have you followed in the past? I have been in weight watchers at least a half dozen times, the most i lost was 16lbs and the minute i stopped going it piled back on.
What works best for your body? Well at the moment the change of diet seems to be working. I started last october at 16st 1lb and now im 14st 4 lb. That is definatly the biggest loss ive ever had and i like doing it slowly, i think i have more of a chance of keeping it off now. All i need to do now is bring some exercise in and i hope to lose it a little quicker, but im not sure what type of exercise to do until i figure out what is going on with my hip.

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