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September 21st, 2012, 09:16 AM
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I am a big fan of the Bill Cosby parenting style, lol.

I regret the college choices I made and it will greatly affect my parenting choices. Both my husband and I received our undergrad from private colleges and completed our graduate work in a public university because we had already accumulated too much debt. Totally backwards. I do not use my education very often. My husband does use his, but he needs more education as well (aspires to be a pHd).

We'll encourage our kids to do internships and work in their field before spending money on an education in that field. As far as when to move out, they can live with us as long as they are contributing to the family. They can't just live here, make messes every day, and eat all of our food. To live in my house as an adult, they have to contribute to our home and family in terms of chores, finances, and errands. I would encourage them to learn to live independently (since that is ultimately my goal for my children whether they marry or not).
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