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September 21st, 2012, 01:09 PM
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Obviously I am here (even if only accompanied by you ladies )

What is baby doing these days? Being sassy, like he knows how to do best. Talking up a storm lately. Still trying to get more than 4-5 steps down, but can't quite do it yet. He loves to hi-five now that he learned

How is life treating mama? Can't complain. Loving the fallish weather. Boys are happy, so that means I am pretty happy.

Are older sibs enjoying their role? It's a love-hate thing. Like Natty, Liam LOVES to play with Kieran and totally enjoys talking to him and helping him with stuf. But when Liam says "hands off" he expects Kieran to get his hands off. And obviously that doesn't happen. There are already some good fights going on here, Kieran doesn't back down!

Any younger sibs on the way? If we are lucky, one will be here sometime in May
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