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September 21st, 2012, 02:43 PM
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Hi fellow mommies! I have some questions for you. My DH and I are planning to travel abroad to some central america villages that are quite remote and secluded. We would be traveling with friends who travel there for months on end regularily. We have never taken our son out of the country before and dont know what to expect. I understand we will have to get him a passport. But how else can we prepare to travel abroad? What safety and health measures should we take? Traveling ideas or tips? I will be scheduling him for his shots series soon and will also be speaking with his doctor, but we probably wont be traveling until next year.When we DO go traveling it will be in Nicaragua and we will travel down a river going village to village where our frines have lived. They have build homes with the locals for some of the families to live in, helped gather and grow foods, and much more, thye are very respected there. So we will be traveling in an area that our friends are very experienced with and know many of the villagers and the travel guides very well.

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