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September 21st, 2012, 06:07 PM
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Hello... I am new here and to these boards. I amnot good with the short hand lingo so please if you reply write it out.

I have PCOS, I had a Period on Sept 7th i started and finished on Sept 16th. I started charting on Sept 17th doing BBT and CM check. on the 17th I was watery and Creamy on the 18th and 19 and 20th. This Morning i was Eggwhite. I had intercourse on the 19th in the am. on Wed evening and thursday I had what I think is ovulation pains. I was having alternation dull to sharp pains in my lower pelvic area. I have had OPK everyday this week say negative. But keep in mind ihave PCOS.

Since intercourse the pelvic pain went away and
my BBT on the morning of inter course dropped to 96.4 the next day it spiked to 99.07 thent oday it was 97.7. I have been having alot of gas the last todays since intercourse...

Could I be?
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