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September 22nd, 2012, 07:15 AM
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In your house, which kids get along really well? Which tend to butt heads? Is there any one that is usually in the middle of trouble?

My #4 and #5 are definetly the ones that get along the least. It's not like they fight constantly, but those two have the hardest time getting along. Whenever they play

My oldest 2 were 2 peas in a pod when they were little and for the longest time, I'd say now my #2 and #3 are closest and otherwise #3 and #4.

The ones usually a part of trouble are my oldest when she's moody and always my youngest. Sometimes she drives me nuts and sometimes I get it, they don't always treat her nice (like take away remotes from her because they're bigger and they can).

My kids generally tend to get along pretty well but you know, we all have our moments.....
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