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September 22nd, 2012, 07:43 AM
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All mine get along really well....they're a clannish bunch. I have to get on them about including other kids when we go places....they've never lacked for playmates among themselves.

Little Matt is everyone's favorite sibling though. All the girls fight over him. He is the sweetest, and will give those girls the shirt off his back. I have to step in there too, and remind him he doesn't HAVE to give his toys or his treats or whatever to the girls. They're his, and he can say no.

Despite his good heart, it is always Matt who ends up making me nuts. He likes to take things apart to see how they electronic things. It's hit or miss on getting them back together...ugh. And he's loud and very busy, which has a way of pushing my buttons. Then of course Katy is a handful. It's easy to blame that on her being two, but I have a feeling she will always be a handful.
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