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September 22nd, 2012, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Lady Valkyrie View Post
with inspiration from

  1. Have you ever left the country you live in and where?
  2. What countries would you visit if time and money were not problems?
  3. Out of all the foreign food you've tried, which is your favorite and why?
  4. Can you name all 7 continents?
  5. Which continent are you least likely to ever want to see and why?
  6. In which countries around the world do you have friends or family?

1. Yes, Mexico for a study abroad program in college. Spent a month living and studying there.
2. Greece, Ireland/Scotland, India
3. These pieces of chicken on a stick that you dip in a peanut butter sauce(Indian dish/appetizer). Only had it once, Dan introduced me to it and I LOVED it. Miss it to this day and its been like 8 or 9 yrs LOL.
4. Probably...want me to try?
5. Antartica...dont like cold.
6. Ireland, Germany, Russia.

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