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September 22nd, 2012, 11:17 AM
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It depends on the day. With all girls, we've got the hormones raging every day it seems. Usually, Jasmine (#1) gets along best with Ana (#3), but it just depends. Jasmine has more in common with Kirsten (#2). Katie (#4) is the favorite of both Kirsten and Ana, but most certainly NOT Jasmine. And really, when Kirsten is not here, it is peaceful. Like someone else, I know it's an awful thing to say. She is a pot stirrer and likes to tattle. For her, everything has to be "fair". I know that they will appreciate each other more as they get older, just like my sisters and I did.
Mommy to Jasmine (18), Kirsten (14), Ana (13), Katie (3), Xavier (1), and Gunnar (born 10-15-14)

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