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September 22nd, 2012, 01:53 PM
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Today is our first anniversary. Can I say that crap this year has completely flown by. Exactly 1 year ago RIGHT NOW, Dh was shoving me out the door, making sure I had my flowers, the rings, my flat iron and my purse in hopes we'd make it to City Park in New Orleans on time. Begging me to move my butt before he threw it over his shoulder and deposited me into the van very unceremoniously.

Unfortunately, it appears that our little impromptu wedding has made it very unmemorable for other people. While I don't expect my strictly online friends to say anything, so far no one has remembered that it is our anniversary. Not my mother, not my grandmother, not even my witnesses! I guess that's one hazard of eloping, no one really puts the date into their brain.

Today also marks the 1 year mark for being off Birth Control. I took my last pill on September 23rd at about 1am... and promptly threw it up. Grumbled and threw the last two or three days of the cycle into the trash saying "*** it". Two NOLA hurricanes (basically sugar mixed with rum lol) and a huge slice of wedding cake was probably not the best combination on a pretty empty stomach, and I ended up with a sugar overload and spent most of the night heaving. Yup, that's how I spent my wedding night. LOL.

I find it very fitting that I received my positive OPK mid day on Thursday, which means I should have already O'd, or O very shortly. It just seems right that it will happen on, or so close to, our anniversary.

It hasn't been an easy year, we've moved several times, Dh's had a few job contracts, We've dealt with immigration (I'm Canadian, I met DH online, waited out his Divorce, and then moved to the US temporarily where we instead ended up getting married almost a year in advance of our original plans), spent thousands of dollars, gotten our first apartment, adjusted from him going from a Family of 3 with his ex, to a Family of 2.5 (as we call it, since we only have Reme half the time if we're lucky). But, despite some predictions from outside sources, we made it the year. And we aren't ready to kill each other yet!

DH leaves next weekend for Illinois/Indiana for work. We don't know how long he'll be gone. 4-10 weeks us the usual for jobs at that specific power plant. I start my job October 9th... so unfortunately the chance of me getting down there to see him are extremely slim, and he wont have any time off to come back home and see me either. We've never been apart a single day since I came down in April of 2011 and only been apart a total of 50 days since we first me. While he's gone we will both turn another year older. I really hope this is our cycle, while DH put the limit of no kids past age 40 for him.. I'd honestly really like to have one before I turn 30... I'm running out of time for that one. If this is our cycle, it's a June baby. July and August will be out because he'll be gone for those 0's... leaving us just two cycles to get in before my 30th.. and the second of those would give me a probable due date of my own birthday! gah! I already share that with someone, I don't need more people on my day.

Well that's my long winded post for today... hopefully my next big one involves a tonne of bfps!
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