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September 23rd, 2012, 04:18 AM
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9/23/12 3rd cycle CD 4 TTC Natural

Katina-I only have self control to wait til af to decide weather
to test or not (when i do not have any cheapie tests or regular
test in the house.

Happy its a new week. Happy that af is about to be out the
window. So a strong feeling came over me that maybe
Chandler and I's baby #2 will be a girl( I will still pray for
a boy like what we did before we found out that we were
having a girl the first time that is why
yesterday maybe its time for me to start thinking about
coming up with a unique girl's name and then treasure
the name in my heart til she is born someday. Originally
I wanted to just wait til the day that I give birth to her
1st and then just come up with a name right then and there,
but I am a first born and a planner so.... I do not have that
kind of Will power that some people have. There are the
names that I previously wanted to name Jakaira...
Genesis, Haleigh. I stopped liking the name Genesis for her
and then I have a friend that named her daughter Haleigh with
a different kind of spelling...her daughter is like 2 weeks older
than heart broke when I found out that she named
her that. But then I got over it and said that was my sign that
Haleigh was not meant to be her name. (plus that name is too
common anyway.) my baby sister said I should of named my daughter
Genesis and that she looks like a Genesis and I think dh agreed...
but we both love the name Jakaira and my baby sis gave her the
nickname Kara (which had to grow on me) I like it.... so I look forward
to when I figure out what new girl name I like......that goes with the name Jakaira but does not rhyme with it. Some family members
are going to be [email protected] me....but I had to do, what I had to do... I cut
my hair real short..... I had let it get to dread what is left of it, I will be combing out and perming soon.... I will be growing it out and down my back get it to where it was it will take 1 full year.....and this time Im a keep up with my hair.... I have Very course Very Curly Thick Nappy hair (even with a perm ) I hate the comb but will make myself love the comb. I am so glad that Jakaira's hair takes after dh....its nice and thin and thankful for that. I am a brush kinda girl when I am able to manage it. Dh is not happy about my short hair @ all....but I had to remind him...that it will grow out again. So my first milestone with my hair will be when I can put it in a short pony tale..... Anyway... I got 4- 4 1/2 hours of sleep.... and will goal to get another 4 hours real soon so that I can function and be happy cause I have a lot to do today and a busy week ahead.

2 days til my sis in law's 32nd bday.
1 week til my mom gets married for the 2nd time.

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