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September 23rd, 2012, 06:43 AM
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I know we had started to discuss hospital bags a few months back, but now that a lot of us are hitting the 3rd trimester and will need to start thinking about packing soon, or at least making sure we have everything we'll need, I was thinking we could make one big list of ideas of what to pack. I'll keep this first post updated with everyone's answers and then sticky this post.

What to pack for you:
birth plan
sugar free gum/hard candy for during labor
your own water container
juice drinks
change of clothes
going home outfit
extra underwear
your own pads (I use Always...I hate the ones my hospital has)
nursing bras
breast pads
Lanolin lotion
bobby pillow
your own pillow
any prescriptions that are needed
Motrin (so I don't have to bug the nurses)
flip flops for shower
shampoo & conditioner
body spray
toothbrush & toothpaste
make up
hair dryer & straightener (to look pretty for pictures!)
hair ties/headband
contact list for calls
Insurance/Health coverage cards
camera & charger/extra batteries
phone & charger
laptop/iPad & charger
iPod with labor playlist (not everyone will be able to labor to music, it helped me to stay focused though when people were talking all around me)
a game to play in between contractions
pen & paper to keep track of things for the birth story

What to pack for DH/SO/labor support:
roll of quarters for vending machines
snacks & drinks
change of clothes
phone & charger
the rooms here have DVD players so we may take him a movie to pass time

What to pack for baby:
cozy blankets
a few sleepers and onesies
1 premie and 1 NB outfit or 1 NB and 1 0-3 month outfit
outfit for hospital picture
a warm hat for leaving
scratch mittens
bring a diaper bag to put extra diapers and wipes the hospital gives
bottles and diapers just in case we don't get to go straight home
Baby book (especially if your has a place for footprints)
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