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September 23rd, 2012, 12:46 PM
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I agree with the other ladies, boo to the naysayers, they are mean and their attitude only makes them more distasteful. I love all of those names, my favorite is Harper and Addyson. You said you liked the name Bailey, what about trying a combo of Bailey Emersyn, or Baileigh Harper?

I have never encountered people on a forum like that (this DDC group has spoiled me ), but my MIL acted in a similar way when I mentioned we liked the name Emily when I was pregnant last time. We ended up choosing another name, but her look of disgust got her booted from the baby naming committee.

She tried to convince us to name her Dawn Grace (Grace being her name), because we had to name the baby after her. Luckily DHs family isn't really involved in our lives, so the naming of this little girl is a much happier occasion.
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