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September 23rd, 2012, 02:20 PM
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We are still desperately trying to choose which birthing option we are going to be able to pick. Half of our decision is what insurance will cover, which is sad but financially a reality. The other part is knowing if a midwife can easily test at a homebirth or birth center birth for antibodies, through coombs or blood cord testing. I have Anti-M antibodies which can be absolutely nothing, or can require some treatment for jaundice, or it can be as severe as a newborn blood transfusion, if we didn't need an intrauterine blood transfusion.

Anyways, we won't have a clue how serious it will be until near birth. My blood titers could stay relatively normal and nothing extra will be required, other than a quick check at birth and all is clear, or those final days could show that we are looking at newborn anemia or jaundice and higher levels of care.

I have a good hospital picked if we are forced to choose the hospital option. I'd still rather choose home birth or birth center if possible and I'm not technically high risk at this point. I am also trying to choose a new care provider and am lost on whether or not I should pursue a midwife group who can do HB and BC births knowing that I could be forced into a hospital birth later. Can midwives do the cord blood or coombs test? Or will we need to leave the birth center a few hours later and go to the doc just to run that stuff? I SO need someone to help me narrow this down because I just go in circles

Can a midwife easily do those kinds of tests right at birth? Sorry this is so rambly, it's just all the stuff swimming in my head and I need to choose soon since I am already 17 weeks.
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