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September 23rd, 2012, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by kemper2.0 View Post
Happy belated Birthday Christin!

I am so so so sorry you ladies got deleted. I have NO idea why Jeania deleted those that she did. Her and I are both admins of the group so if you request to join again I will CERTAINLY add you guys again. Umm, not to be mean, but she really shouldn't be able to choose who stays and who goes as she hasn't been on this board in MONTHS and that's why she got taken down as host. She was never that active to begin with. She should not have deleted you. I would try and send her a FB message and ask why you got deleted/demand to be added again. That should never have happened. It's a bit ridiculous. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. We can even start a whole new group if needed. The reason you can't find the group if you search for it is because she changed the group from private to secret. I know that one of the ladies was worried about someone stalking her and so everyone agreed the list needed to be cleaned up again because a lot of our members hadn't been active for months. However, before that happened there should have been a post warning us all that if we hadn't posted in 'x amount' of days/months than we need to be more active or risk being deleted. It was wrong of her to just up and delete half the list. Ugh.
Thank you for posting this *hugs*. Stupid mommy hormones had me more upset than I needed to be. I don't know her name, if someone could pm me it I will send her a fb message. I was really excited about how active the fb group was compared to here and since I can access fb more than jm. I had also been actively posting in the group since joining. Meh.

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