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September 24th, 2012, 07:46 AM
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Hey Neka!!!!! If you do cut it, are you thinking of a style? I did not cut my hair in a style, just enough to where I can maintain it this summer it should be to my shoulders if not sooner....I think I actually prayed that Kara would not get hair like [email protected] this point we are wanting her hair to grow. Yeah I got sleep last night and this morning. Is your daughter's hair natural? My hair is manageable as long as I comb it right after a wash and condition..if I dont it dreads quickly (even with a perm in it) What kind of hair does your son have?

9/24/12 3rd cycle CD 5 TTC Natural

Happy to say goodbye to af she was very mean 3 of 5 days (especially the first two days) I got more sleep last night and this morning than I
did I am very happy. Like I said yesterday I have a lot to do today and this week. Days/Nights that I do not get much sleep... I say to myself.. am I crazy for wanting another child in God's time...when its not easy (for now) while dh is busy with school. Everyday I miss him even though he is in the same house as me, just different room. dtd might be the only really chance I see him most days...he is already talking about tomorrow is our "date" lol we have to circle it in with our schedules and baby's schedule lol....I know I am different than most people but I look forward to when dd is a toddler, for many many reasons. I hope she starts liking floor time because I really want her to learn how to hold her head up better, get on her hands, roll, than knees than last but not least start crawling. then learn how to sit. I know it may take some time (as she was born 4 wks early) and every baby develops differently. Yesterday I was watching golf (just to see how Tiger Woods was doing) not [email protected] all , placed like 7th......yikes!!! the funny thing is... I do not like watching golf @ slow. Anyway I need to get off of here. Everyone have a great week and lots of baby dust. 9 days til the big Ovulation Day. 6 days til my mom becomes Mrs. T. (2nd marriage) Happy for her, long as she is happy.

Baby Dust!!!!!!!!

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