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September 24th, 2012, 11:39 AM
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If you really want to allow your cat the freedom and benefits that fresh air and sunshine can offer while keeping kitty safe you could consider building a 'cat room' as I call it. Pick a window that has a nice patch of ground on the outside, some sun and shade maybe a little grass to play in and built a screened 'room'(including roof so kitty can't climb out) and leave the window open so he can come and go. He'll feel free to 'roam' outside while being safe. You can always close the window at night and during bad weather if needed for heating and cooling reasons or put a kitty door in the window. Something like this Cat Doors For Sliding Windows

or if an entire 'room' is not possible try this Image Detail for - PPA00-10774 - PetSafe Cat Veranda Cat Door - Cat stepping out onto ...

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