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September 25th, 2012, 07:40 AM
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I am trying to figure out if I am expecting too much from my appointments. While pregnant with my son I stuck with my GYN who is also a high-risk OB. I had known her for maybe 10 years before getting pregnant. I was closely monitored for cervix issues so I was there every 2 weeks getting ultrasounds and check-ins with the doctor. At the beginning of the third trimester when you would normally not need the cervix monitoring if you were fine up to that point I developed blood pressure issues so I basically continued along with my every two week appointments. This time around I see the doctor every 4 weeks and have had 2 ultrasounds. My appointments are so short though...literally the doctor walks in and asks how I am feeling (most of the time its fine just nauseous still), listens to the HB, and then gives me the date to schedule my next appointment. Thats about it. Yesterday I think I saw the doctor for 10 minutes max. Is that weird? Am I missing the closeness I had with my previous doctor since I knew her and maybe my appointments were longer/more often so in comparison this seems odd? Just wondering

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