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September 25th, 2012, 07:50 AM
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My appointments are every 4 weeks and soon they'll be 2 weeks when I'm closer to my due date. Nothing major goes on at them. Basically just get my vitals taken, listen for heartbeat, measure fundus height, go over the lab work if any was done. Then at the last few he tries to check my cervix which I think is a waste of time so I usually decline. I've been to 3 different ob/gyns with my children. My first one wasn't so nice, but it's excused since he was losing his mind kinda cause his son had killed himself. My second one was a woman who basically would listen to the heartbeat and send me on my way. She was also obsessed with my weight and would make me feel like crap about it. My current one takes his time with me and asks a bunch of questions. I was surprised my first few visits included an u/s cause I never had that with my previous 2 pregnancies. I only had 2 u/s with those pregnancies. This one I've had a couple, but I don't think any will be scheduled again unless there's a problem.

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