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September 25th, 2012, 09:10 AM
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I had to Google "Fundal Height," so clearly we don't do that.

I'm seeing both midwives and a high risk MFM right now. The last couple of midwife appointments included a urine sample and weight check with the nursing assistant. The midwife comes in (usually pretty quickly) to check vitals, listen to the heartbeat on the doppler, and then we talk for 15 minutes or so about how I'm feeling and questions I have. I'm going every four weeks at this point, and see a different midwife each time, so it's comfortable and informative, but we're not buddies.

I haven't had a regular MFM appointments yet. I've been told to expect an ultrasound with a technician and a few minutes to review what we're monitoring via ultrasound with a doctor.

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